Ready to take your health
to the next level?
Wellness Reboot is the most comprehensive online program that revitalizes your life and teaches you how to make the most delicious plant-based cuisine. Ready to take your health to the next level?
28 Day Menu Plan
A 28 day menu plan of quick and easy plant-based recipes are included along with shopping lists for each week. Just pop by the store and follow along the plan. Easily adjustable for allergies.
Learn To Cook
If cooking vegan has you confused this program is for you. You'll learn knife techniques along with how to make delicious recipes the whole family will love. Cooking videos are included, along with how to stock your pantries and more!
Fitness Program
This is what sets us a part from other programs. Included is a fitness program that everyone can follow along with. You'll learn awesome exercises and have a plan that works.
Following a vegan diet for the fist time could not have been easier with the help and support from Christy & Wellness Reboot! Christy really gives you all of the tools you need to succeed!.The recipes are so fabulous and the meal plan makes it really easy to stay on track. I would highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to try a vegan diet for the first time!
- Leah
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Why "Reboot"?
We use the word reboot because this program gives you a new start. The program is designed to help you get off addictive foods that aren’t serving your greater health. There’s no calorie counting or measuring food. You try new recipes each day and get to eat plenty of delicious foods while learning the tools needed for continued success. There's no deprivation on this program! Your health will be elevated to another level. 
My wife, Becky, and I are just finishing your 28 day meal program for the third time and I just want to thank you again. It is a reset for us. I feel fantastic after eating your recipes for a month. Someday, we'd like to go on one of your vegan vacations. Much love.
- Allen
ABOUT Christy
Christy Morgan has been tantalizing taste buds for over 15 years as a vegan chef, cooking instructor, food writer, and cookbook author. Her mission is to show that a vegan diet and lifestyle can be delicious & easy, will bring more energy and bliss into your life all while helping the animals and the planet. Christy became obsessed with fitness post-30 and is now a NASM certified personal trainer and yoga teacher spreading the message that you can be strong & thrive on a plant-based diet. She can show you how to reach all your health and fitness goals to reach optimal health.
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